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Hashimoto’s Recovery Program

Are you ready to start feeling better?

Introducing the Hashimoto’s Recovery Program

In my report, 7 Steps for Overcoming Hashimoto’s I discussed the following steps

  1. Proper Blood Testing
  2. Advanced Testing for triggers
  3. Create a personalized plan
  4. Balance all Hormones
  5. Remove Chemicals and Toxins
  6. Detoxification
  7. Monitor Progress and Adjust Plan

If you have not received this report please click here to request it or call my office at (248) 926-0455 and we will email it to you right away.

Following these 7 steps is exactly how I have been able to help so many people recover from Hashimoto’s.

The Hashimoto’s Recovery Program is available in two different formats

  1. Self-Guided – a video based education program and a written guide
  2. Personalized care –you will become one of my patients and we will work together throughout your recovery journey


  • You will have lifetime access to 12 pre-recorded videos in which I cover all of the same information that I cover with all of my Hashimoto’s patients
  • Materials and guides that will take you through every step I take with patients.
  • All materials are located on a secure private website and you will have unlimited access
  • Should you choose to purchase the recommended supplements through our office you will received a 30% discount.
  • The cost is a one-time payment of $197. In addition, you should budget for $75 to $250 per month for supplements required to recover from Hashimoto’s.

Personalized care

  • Initial assessment for $197
    • Private consultation in my office or on the telephone.
    • Review of extensive questionnaire to help determine underlying causes of your symptoms.
    • After the assessment, we mutually determine if you are a good candidate for the Hashimoto’s Recovery Program. If so, we continue with ongoing care.

  • Ongoing care – budget for $500/month for 6 months
    • We will start by running the appropriate tests. (To be determined after assessment)
    • Next we Review of all test results and develop solutions to fix any problems found.
    • Next monthly consultations are scheduled to help tailor the program for you
    • You will have access to all of the self-guided program
    • This would include all tests, consultations and $500 of supplements.
    • Financing is available at an 18 month no interest payment plan for $166 per month.

You can get started right away by scheduling your initial assessment here. Or call Lisa at 248-926-0455.


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