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Can I Help You?

At this point I know nothing about you. You are probably suffering with thyroid symptoms so let’s try to find out why!
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    Step One: we will schedule a 10 to 15 minute phone consultation.

  • Before the consultation I want you to send me a copy of your most recent blood tests. I will review them with functional diagnostic lab values which are much narrower and begin the investigation. Your blood tests might not be normal as you’ve been told.
  • I will also have you complete my specific intake forms which will ask a series of questions giving me valuable clues of your current health status. So before we even speak I will have a good understanding of what is going on and what is missing. This will save you hours of wasted time and money. We can accomplish in 10-15 minutes something that can take an hour. An hour consultation with a Qualified Doctor can cost as much as $300-$400 depending on who you work with. Your cost for the phone consult is $65.
  • During the call I will let you know if I can help you and will offer my suggestions. You will also have a chance to ask me your questions. Write your top three questions down and send them to me.
  • If you decide that you would like to continue working with me and I feel you are a good candidate for my program we can schedule additional consultations and order any testing if needed.
  • For now let’s start with step one and begin the investigation. I look forward to speaking with you and most importantly getting your life back on track. Complete the Case Review Form on this page to receive our intake forms and to schedule your consultation.


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  • Payment must be made to reserve your consultation.
  • We will try to schedule you consultation within the next 30 days. If not we will put you on a waiting list. No payment is needed to be on our waiting list.
  • All forms must be received prior to your consultation.


Contact us by email or call our office at (248) 926-0455 to schedule a consultation.

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